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Sustainable trends in home renovation and design


Over the past couple of years, sustainability became one of the main concerns for new and old homeowners alike. Even reputable Seattle contractors focus their effort toward this goal. When you consider the benefits of sustainable trends in home renovation and design, it is not difficult to see why. It improves the quality of life, positively impacts health, and even increases the resale value of your home. And, the best thing of all, you can upgrade literally every part of your home to make it more sustainable. In other words – there are no downsides when opting for sustainability.

Sustainable materials should be your first choice

Whether you’re building a house from the ground up or remodeling a kitchen, choosing the right materials should be your priority. Sustainable materials positively impact every aspect of your build and have many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Believe it or not, sustainable materials can be cheaper than standard ones;
  • Eco-friendliness: Sustainable materials are natural. So, it’s easy to recycle or repurpose them;
  • Energy-efficiency: Paired with a good HVAC system, these materials provide for better heat control;
  • Non-toxic: Building with these materials often does not involve harmful compounds. Thus, your home will be more healthy place after remodeling;
  • Resilience: Sustainable materials can stand the test of time. Wood and metal are prime examples of this.

Bear in mind that this is, by no means, an extensive list of benefits. For that, we would need at least a dozen of pages. And, even then, we would only scratch the surface.

Old is the new New

Repurposing old items is one of the hip sustainable trends in home renovation and design. So, instead of throwing away old things – restore and find a new use for them. This way, you’ll not only help the environment but give your home that shabby-chic look that’s all the hype now. Or, even a full-on vintage look, if you’re the least bit creative. All in all, it’s sure to look unique!

If you want to go a step further or go all-in on the retro looks, there’s a great way to do this, too. Scour antique shops and flea markets to find unique pieces of furniture. This way, you’re helping the environment by saving a usable piece of furniture from ending up in a landfill. At the same time, you’re making your home more sustainable. And, not to mention, at a really low cost.

Deconstruct – don’t demolish

Are you doing extensive remodeling? Well, you might want to think about deconstructing a part of your home instead of entirely demolishing it. Demolished materials go into the landfill, and deconstructed ones go into another home. Or – into yours. With a bit of planning and the help of a good contractor, you can put those materials to good use in a remodeled part of your home. So, you’ll not only make the environment happy, but you’ll also save a bit of money on materials. An ideal situation, if there ever was one.

Downsize for sustainability

Bigger is not always better. This is especially noticeable if you want your home to be super-sustainable. Now, we’re not saying that big houses cannot achieve sustainability goals – they can. However, the bigger the home, the more resources it will take. And we’re not talking only about money, but also time, energy, and nerves. With this in mind, you may want to consider moving to a smaller home instead of remodeling.

First off, moving doesn’t take nearly as much effort now as it once did. Today, you can find fantastic movers with ample experience and skills in a matter of minutes. The extensive database found at Best Cross Country Movers, for example, can help you find the right choice for you with incredible ease.

Secondly, moving will, almost certainly, be less costly. Trying to convert a big home into an eco-friendly, sustainable variant can take a significant chunk out of your budget.

Thirdly, living in a smaller home, you’ll use less of, well – everything. Water, electricity, gas, even cleaning supplies. It’s much easier to make a smaller home maintenance-free. So, you’re doing nature a favor and saving money in the long run.

And finally, even if the smaller home you chose isn’t super-sustainable, you’ll likely have enough money left after moving to convert parts of it. So, downsizing is definitely an option to consider here.

Go renewable

A solar panel here, solar panel there – sustainability everywhere! Technology made giant leaps in the sustainable power sources niche. And, it doesn’t get more sustainable than the Sun. That said, long gone are the times when solar panels were just for show. Today, their price is lower and the effectiveness higher than ever. So, it’s no wonder this is one of the sustainable trends in home renovation and design that’s rapidly gaining momentum. Every day, more and more people choose this way of powering their homes over fossil fuels, and you should be one of them.

Make your home smarter

Who said technology and nature don’t mix? They so do – and extremely well, at that! Today’s technology lets you elevate sustainability to a whole new level. You can pre-program thermostats to “know” when you’re coming home from work and, thus, activate only when necessary. There are plumbing systems that track water usage and adjust it according to your needs. And all that without you having to fiddle around with anything. You can automate virtually every part of your home to work only when necessary, thus gaining sustainability and convenience.

Consult the pros for the best options

Sustainable trends in home renovation and design evolve almost by the day. Technology advances at incredible speed, thus opening new options and opportunities. So, the biggest challenge you’ll face is to follow up on it all and make a good decision. Fortunately, even this isn’t such a problem anymore. Your contractor will undoubtedly be up to speed on new trends and standards. So, don’t hesitate to turn to professionals for help. With their knowledge and experience, you’ll make the choice that will make your home better for years to come

“Be good to your house and your house will be good to you:

All solutions for home living have some advantages and disadvantages…“There are no perfect solutions out there, only the ones that are perfect and work for you.”
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