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Seattle Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services

Seattle Water Damage Home Repair Services

Doing routine checks on your appliances and piping under your kitchen and bathroom sinks is one way to initially prevent leaks. And of course that leaky toilet…one leaky toilet can leak 90 gals per day.
Monitoring your water bill is also extremely important, as you can find spikes in the charges and determine if there is a leak or if you simply used more water that month.

“Town Tips” by Chris Town
Sometime you have to pay money to save money. In this case you will not only save money but avoid the time and headaches you will incurred as these folks I talk about here in this blog.
Home Leak Detection System is the solution…A whole home leak detection system with automatic water shutoffs detect when water is running continuously for an extended period of time and will automatically shutoff your water, very cool, so check it out.

This Is A Home That We Built 12 Years Ago For Some Great Clients In Downtown Edmonds, WA.
They We’re Asleep And Heard There Alarm Go Off And Got Up To Investigate. What They Found Was The All Upstairs Hardwood Floors Had Approximately 2” Of Running Water On Them. The Dishwasher Supply Line Had Failed And Was Leaking Water For 3-4 Hrs!

Ceiling and Floor Water Damage Repair In Edmonds, Wa, 

They called me early morning and asked me for help. I arrived to access the situation and found the water was running through the floor to the downstairs ceilings and all the drywall was destroyed. To add to the problem, we had insulated all the floors and interior walls for sound absorption. All had to be removed and reinstalled throughout the home. We also installed portable heating fans to accelerate the drying process.

Hallway Water Damage Restoration In EdmondsAfter all the water, drywall, insulation was removed and the house dried, we came in and repaired all the damage. Some doors had to be replaced because of warping and most of the flooring throughout the house had to be replaced as well. As the pictures show, this was quite an involved process. I am happy to report that, “The Home Looks Like New Again And My Clients Are Happy To Be Moving Back In There Gorgeous Home!”

“More Town Tips” by Chris Town
There are four important things you can do right away in a situation like this:
Tip 1: Don’t panic and run around the house searching for the leak as you are wasting valuable time.
Tip 2: Go to your water main water supple to your home. This valve is usually in the basement or on an outside wall in a utility area of the house. The main shutoff valve allows a full flow of water through the pipe when it’s open. 
Tip 3: If there is extensive water leakage and build up, you may also want to consider shutting off the electricity to those areas infected.
Tip 4: Clean Up Mess – If you catch the leak early enough, it is important to clean up the mess, as much as you can, immediately. If not cleaned up this can result in mold and mildew and can cause more problems down the road.

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