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Home flooring ideas for better living

Hardwood Floors can be a homeowners best friend

 Hardwood floors will always be popular as they are timeless and will never go out of style. There are many reasons to go with Hardwood floors. You can you restore them to look brand new again, they are durable, low maintenance and they definitely add significant value to your home. Hardwood floors have disadvantages, but so do other flooring products like carpeting, Vinyl, porcelain and Linoleum.

What are the most popular choices for hardwood flooring and costs?
Very hard and dent-resistant ($3.50–$6/sq. ft.)
Hickory: Hard density that works well in high-traffic areas ($3–$6/sq. ft.)
Oak: Durable and Hard density – (Red & White Oak) ($2–$6/sq. ft.)
Bamboo: Bamboo floors are the hardest, most durable options ($2–$4/sq. ft.)
Brazilian Walnut: Extremely hard and durable ($5–$9/sq. ft.)

Kirkland custom home designed fireplace and living roomAlways Hire A Wood Floor Professional To Install Your Hardwood Floors:
Don’t get cheap on me now! It’s true, you get what you pay for and if you don’t have your flooring installed correctly, this could be costly for you now and down the road.
I am a Custom Home Builder and before I hire a new hardwood flooring sub-contractor, I take the time
to check out a few of his previous jobs first hand. It’s time consuming for me, but if the flooring sub-contractor screws up I pay for it $ not the home owner. Do your homework and you will save money, frustration and time.
National Average cost for installation $4,500

Lake Washington Custom Home family room designs Chris Town’s Hardwood Flooring recommendations – Bamboo Hardwood Floors:
Bamboo Hardwood Floors are ecologically friendly, easy maintenance, more water resistant than other wood flooring materials and has great durability. Bamboo flooring can have a host of versatile colors, stains or textures.

The different color options and finishes of bamboo flooring:
Two choices natural or carbonized: Natural bamboo – has been left in its original state, which has blonde and golden tones. Carbonized bamboo (smoked) which turns the bamboo into a coffee brown color. More options are now available including stone grey and chestnut brown.

Where to use it?
Anywhere you’d use wood — including baths and kitchens… Keep in mind that it has the same risk of damage from excess moisture or dryness as any hardwood flooring.
All in all, Bamboo Hardwood Flooring has the best bang for the your $ and is worth considering for sure.

“Town Tip”
Buy the flooring yourself…save a bunch of $$ just by doing a little searching around the big stores/lumber yards. Why should your flooring sub-contractor buy the flooring at a discount, pocket the discount and not pass it on to you.
It’s easy to do, just bring a blueprint of your home with you when you buy, decide what areas you want flooring for and you are good to go. The blueprint will have all the data you need for S.F. info needed for determining how much flooring to purchase.
Always buy a bit extra flooring for future updates and any repairs.
Chris Town

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