How to Handle a long-distance Seattle house renovation


 Long-distance house renovation may seem tricky. And if you don’t know how to approach the process, it truly is. That’s why we are here to show you that, when it comes to improving your living space without being present on the site, there is nothing to be afraid of.

When can you expect a long-distance house renovation?
Renovating a house from afar is not a common thing. People are often present during the remodel. However, there are some situations when being there is not possible:

  • if you have a scheduled long-distance relocation, but you want to remodel the place before moving in;
  • people often have a weekend house they use only for vacation and might want to make changes to it while they are away;
  • sometimes you might have a lot on your plate, and you cannot find the time to be there;
  • some people also have a house or an apartment in a different city, or even a foreign country;

Let’s see how to make the best of the situation and remodel your home with ease.

Find a quality contractor

It goes without saying, but you need a quality and trustworthy contractor to tackle a long-distance house renovation. Meet with them, if possible, on-site. Check their previous work, and see if they have ever done similar long-distance projects. One of the qualities you want is good and open communication at all times. Since you won’t be there, it is crucial to be able to reach them whenever you want.

Once you find a trustworthy contractor company, everything else will be easier. Not only will they finish
the job, but they will also help with all the
dos and don’ts of home remodeling.

The communication schedule
When you start making plans with your contractor, it is crucial to talk about how and when to communicate. It would be best to have a clear schedule, and both sides need to stick to it. Check with the contractor what their working hours will be. Also, who is the point of contact, and what the best way to communicate is. Some people favor e-mails or messaging, while others prefer phone calls.
The reason why this is important is to avoid any delays. Sometimes your contractor will need to consult with you in case of an emergency. Also, you might want to change something, and you need to reach them before it is too late. If you do not have a good communication
channel, which will cause a delay in the entire project.

Do not forget to schedule visits to the site
It is good to set milestones and tell your contractor to contact you whenever they reach one. That’s also an
excellent way to track the progress of the renovation. When that happens, it would be wise to visit the site and look at progress. This does not have to be
too often; it all depends on your availability and how close you are to the site.

Also, there are many advantages of remodeling your home during winter. For one, this is a good time to hire a long-distance contractor, as their schedule will not be that busy. However, there is a disadvantage. If the weather is bad, you cannot visit every week. But, if you can visit more often, better schedule more frequent visits to have more control over what’s happening.

You might need to hire more help than just a contractor
Contractors are there to make structural changes to your home. If you want to tear down a wall, build an extra room, or change your property in general, they are the ones that will do the work. However, some large-scale renovation projects also require a presence of an architect or a designer. They must be at the site, especially when you are not around to make judgment calls when needed.

If you are also preparing for a move during remodeling, you might want to look for a good moving company as well. It is crucial to find the best help you can, so you don’t have to think about packing and other relocation processes. You can focus your time and energy on finishing the
remodel before the moving day comes.

Listen to your contractor on important decisions
When doing any type of home remodel, it is essential to understand that having ideas is one thing, but making them a reality is a whole different story. People often have a lot of ideas, and some of them are just not doable. Listen to your contractor when it comes to this. If they say something is a bad idea and give you the reasons, it is usually best to agree. Of course, you are the customer, and if you want to do everything your way, you can. However, keep in mind that the result might not be what you imagined.

For that reason, speak with the contractor and carefully go through all the parts of the project. Do not let them start before you discussed all the changes they need to make.

Tackle a long-distance house renovation without stressing about it
Let’s do a quick summary about how to approach a long-distance house renovation. First, find a quality and trustworthy contractor. Second, create a communication schedule and stick to it. If possible, schedule site visits from time to time. Next, consider hiring additional help like an architect or a designer. If you are moving at the same time, look for a good moving company so you can focus your time on the remodeling process. Finally, listen to your contractor and carefully plan all of the changes. If you follow all of these steps, you will complete this remodeling project without stressing about it. Good luck!

“Be good to your house and your house will be good to you:

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