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Home Disaster Prevention and safety Tips

Home Disaster Prevention and Safety Tips…
Protect yourself and your family from common home hazards
reducing the risks inside and around your home.
Understanding and Preventing Potential Problems will make a great difference and is the key to preventing most home accidents and disasters. However, there is more that you can do to prevent something dangerous from happening in your house.

Hello again everyone, Chris Town here, owner of town construction and development in Seattle.
As a Seattle area home builder, I am asked many questions through the years about home protection and home safety.
Before I start though I strongly suggest that the very first thing any homeowner, renter, or car owner must do is get a fire extinguisher and learn how to use it. I know you have thought about it and then said to yourself “well maybe later, things will be fine for now I’m sure and aren’t they so expensive? PLEASE JUST GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! Your family, pets, friends and belongings will thank you.

One of my favorite home safety tips is Anti-Slip Tape (Rug Grippers) for Small to medium size throw Rugs.
I can’t tell you how many times I have stepped on any of my throw rugs and they slipped from under me.
Anti-Slip Tape for Small Rugs offers non-slip strength that keeps your rugs and mats from bunching up or sliding across the floor on tile, marble, laminate, wood, carpet, and other flooring surfaces. It releases quickly when lifted up allowing you to easily reposition your rugs.

Turn off the water supply before going on vacation or away for more than two days…Turn off the water at the main shut off!
Water damage from undetected plumbing leaks will quickly ruin ceilings, floors and walls, leading to repair bills in the thousands. This is especially true if you’re away on vacation. Yes, such a leak is unlikely, but insurance companies report hundreds of these incidents every year. Put splash pans under washers and water heaters to catch leaks! For about $20, you can buy special pans at home centers and appliance dealers that catch slow leaks and mild overflows.

Install grab bars by the toilet and tub.
These grab bars small and larger sizes are not just for older people. What is your first thought when finishing soaking in your tub and getting ready to lift yourself out of the tub? I hope I don’t slip and fall! For a few bucks, it’s worth having the extra piece of mine and saving you and family members from serious falls. The hard surfaces of the bathroom can make falling even more dangerous. Having properly installed grab bars around the toilet and tub provide needed support and balance.

Home Fire tips
In 2018, there were more than 363,000 fires in US homes, causing everything from mild smoke damage to total devastation, including the loss of 3,655 lives.2 Even candles or an unattended iron can lead to accidental fires in your home, but there is a lot you can do to prevent a home fire from getting out of hand.

Install fire alarms
 Install fire alarms on all levels of your home, and please check and change the batteries at least annually for better fire safety. Consider investing in a smart smoke detector like Google Nest Protect† (about $119*).
This alarm uses Wi-Fi to provide real-time updates. And you can access remote monitoring right on your smartphone or another mobile device.
If you don’t want a mobile app on your smoke alarm, consider getting a non-connected model like the Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with Voice Warning (about $35*).
(some info courtesy of safe wise)

Avoid fire hazards during the winter months!
Homeowners and renters may not realize it, but according to the U.S. Fire Administration, more home fires occur during the winter than in any other season. Heating equipment is often involved, so people should be careful with space heaters and both real and fake fireplaces. Only plug one heating device into an outlet at a time and make sure other objects are at least 3 feet away from it on all sides.
(some info courtesy of cover hound)

 Enhance Home Door Security
We all know you can spend thousands of dollars on home security for sure, but sometimes with just a VERY SMALL bit of cash can make a big difference.
Statistics show that nearly 66% of rentals and 34% of home burglars entering through the front door and 22% of home burglars using the back door. Therefore, to secure the front door (back door) is one of the most important parts of home safety. Just take a few hours out of your week to research the different door security items available for your specific situation. A few hours of your time can save you months of misery and paranoia.

Just a few more suggestions!
–Install photosensitive porch or entryway lighting that will come on at dusk and turn off at dawn. A light-switch timer can also be installed on interior switches for exterior porch or post lights.
–Put night-lights in the bathroom and in hallways leading from the bedroom to the bathroom and kitchen.
–Install better fire/smoke alarms on all levels of your home, and check and change the batteries at least annually for better fire safety. Consider investing in a SMART smoke detector.

All solutions for home living have some advantages and disadvantages…
“There are no perfect solutions out there, only the ones that are perfect for you.”

Chris Town

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