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Sky Is the Limit When Choosing Kitchen Counter tops

There many counter top materials to choose from for sure. For High-end homeowners the sky is the limit, but for mid-range homeowners LIKE ME, you have more choices to choose from and can have a Lavish and smart looking kitchen for half the price.

Being a Seattle Custom Home Builder I’m asked by clients, “Now Chris, what are your suggestions for our
Kitchen counter tops?” The answer is easy…do you want something that is luxurious, lavish; High priced and does add real estate value to your home. Let us go with Marble (Natural Stone) or better yet, Imported Marble.
Or do you want something less expensive, easy to maintain and is available in a larger range of colors other than Granite or Marble…Also it does adds to real estate value of a home. Then Quartz (Engineered Stone) is the way to go.

The manufacturing (Quartz) process allows a much wider range of colors than you’ll find in natural stones such as marble or granite. Like other hard surface counter top materials, quartz is non-porous so it resists staining much better than granite, marble and concrete.

Granite $50 – $200
$60 – $150
$125 – $350
Plastic Laminate
$20 – $50
$70 – $150
Solid Surface
$75 – $120
$20 – $30
Stainless Steel
$75 – $150
$50 – $100
$70 – $120

Finally. questions you must ask yourself
before purchasing your new counter tops.
What is your budget?
What material is best for care or maintenance?
What is the aesthetic look I want?
What will you use the counter top for?
What will work with your current cabinets?

“Town Tips” by Chris Town

Tip 1: Use Quartz for your kitchen tops and for your kitchen Island counter top you can go with a Marble (Natural Stone) or Granite.
Tip 2: A great Idea I give to clients is to diversify a bit. Your Island Kitchen counter top can have a small butcher-block counter top for cutting food on it. Of course, you can put the butcher-block counter top anywhere you want, but it will add a practical, warm and inviting look to your kitchen.
Tip 3: For your Island Kitchen counter tops stay with a solid not tile counter top. It looks more luxurious, cleaner and the upkeep and maintenance is way less difficult.
Tip 4: Picking popular edges for your counters are practical for any use in the kitchen or bathroom. Therefore, the primary factor to consider when you make your edge profile choice is aesthetic. An Eased edge style is a slightly ‘softened’ square that alleviates that hard, sharp edge typically seen on laminate counter tops.

Chris Town
Town Construction and Development

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